Increasingly people are finding it difficult to trust anyone and keeping pets for recreation and company. Pets are also popular with children, who are looking for someone they can play with and take care of. There are a large number of pets available like fish,cats, dogs for sale Melbourne, parrots and other birds. So individuals and families who wish to keep a pet dog often ask the question are dogs good pets? Compared to all pets, dogs are the most popular pets worldwide. Like all pets there are many advantages and a few disadvantages of keeping dogs as pets, and these are discussed.

One of the main advantages of keeping dogs as pets are that they are very loyal and affectionate. So for a person who is living alone a dog is good company. Also dog owners have to take their dog for a walk regularly to exercise the dog. This gives the dog owner the opportunity to meet other dog owners who are also taking their dog for a walk, and socialize with them. Playing with the dog helps in reducing stress levels. Another major advantage of keeping pet dogs is that they keep the home secure, barking when there is an intruder in the home. In some cases, they may bite the burglar. Burglars and robbers are less likely to trespass on a home where there is a dog for security.

On other hand, owning a dog is a responsibility and expense, the pet owner should take proper care of the dog, ensure that the dog is well fed. The dog has to be taken for walks regularly and if the dog falls sick, veterinary help may be required. Most dog owners will purchase a puppy since it is easy to train, and some time will be required to train the puppy. The dog owner is also responsible for any action of the dog, especially if the dog bites harmless people.

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