NMDC School Excursions

School girls dissecting fish

The NMDC has been created as a knowledge resource for the community and WA's 360,000 school students. As our knowledge grows and new science emerges, multi-media and other exhibit features are continually updated.

A range of hands-on and fun learning activities are also available that will take you deep into the ocean, beneath the surface of our estuaries, through our freshwater rivers and lakes, and behind the scenes of aquatic science as it unfolds.

School groups may choose to visit the NMDC for:
  • a guided tour to explore the exhibition hall, aquaria and scientific viewing corridor; and/or
  • one or more of our curriculum-linked, structured education activities.

Activities at the NMDC include:

Education Guided Tour Our staff will take you on a guided tour of the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre exhibition hall, scientific viewing corridor and display aquaria. An introductory session will also provide students with an overview of the role that the Department of Fisheries plays in managing our aquatic natural resources. 1.5 hours Suitable for all years $5
Beach Discovery Tour

Take a guided walk on a nearby beach and discover the wonders of what our oceans leave washed up on the shore. Identify and classify different organisms, whilst also investigating the human impacts on our oceans and beaches.

*Please note: This activity is weather dependent
1 hour Suitable for all years $5
Bringing the Beach to You

Working in our learning laboratory, students will be able to search through a range of marine organisms that are commonly found on our local beaches. Learn how to identify and simply classify these organisms, and how they are connected to each other.

1 hour Suitable for years K - 10 $5
Scientific Sandcastles

Build sandcastles with a difference - students get to make some popular marine creatures from the flotsam and jetsam that we find on the beach. We will then discuss their role in the marine environment and how the sea life that we find washed up on our beaches is important for nutrient recycling.

*Please note: This activity is weather dependent


1 hour Suitable for years K - 7 $5
A Plethora of Plankton

Discover the world of plankton - learn how fisheries scientists use plankton to estimate fish populations and determine the health of fisheries. Students will conduct their own plankton tow, learn to identify common plankton and complete our plankton challenge!

1 hour Suitable for Years 7 - 12 $5
Fish of Ages

Using prepared material, students get the opportunity to work out the age of fish, record data and then present the data graphically. This activity has students carrying out microscope work, validating data and then presenting the data, as a fisheries scientist would do.

1 hour Suitable for years 10 - 12 $5
Bare Bones Fisheries Science

Learn why fisheries scientists dissect fish, and what information can be found from examining their external and internal structures. Students then carry out their own fish dissection.

1 hour Suitable for years 6 - 12 $8
Sea Monkey Science

Have you ever wondered what juvenile fish eat? Sea monkeys (Artemia) are a high quality, easy to breed fish food. Learn how to breed these groovy critters and how they are used in the aquaculture industry. You even get to set up your own sea monkey hatchery.

1 hour Suitable for years 7 - 12 $8

All activities have a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 30 students per session.

Larger groups will be catered for by developing a structured timetable for your visit.

Note: Prices are effective from 1 July 2008.

If you would like to know more about school excursions to the NMDC please phone (08) 9203 0112 or follow this link to complete a school excursion booking request.