The cherry picker is a device that consists of the large basket found at the extensible boom. It’s normally mounted on the body of the truck. It is used in every type of activity which is high above the ground. Sometimes you can use it to reach inaccessible areas like tall trees and power lines. Safety is utmost when working above the ground using the cherry picker. The cherry picker can be used at any time to help carry out important tasks. Here are the top uses of the cherry picker.


Building maintenance

The building that needs painting requires one to work at height, which, most of the time, becomes very difficult. Although the ladder may be considered adequate, the cherry picker provides security, mobility, and protection to move around any part of a building when handling or reaching equipment.


Servicing of electricity and telephone poles

Electricity and telephone poles are miles high from the ground; servicing and keeping them maintain them require skilled personnel. The cherry picker is the essential equipment that facilitates when carrying out this daily routine. In the past, the ladder was used to reach the highest top, but most companies consider it dangerous and ineffective, and intern uses a cherry picker.


Fire protection services

Every day, firefighters risk their lives to save people that are trapped on fire or in other life-threatening situations. With cherry picker, it guarantees the safety of people on the upper floors, when extended to where there is fire. The cherry picker means multiple tasks can be done simultaneously within operating limits. Also, it means that firefighters no longer lift their shoulders to return to the ground because the cherry picker can save all this.



Maintaining building facades is crucial but difficult because of height, poor access, and difficult shapes. Cherry picker has made the cleaning process easier and safer when maintaining the difficult, and lower part to reach. Workers will no longer require to use scaffolding or ladders to transport buckets, tools, and other equipment because you can hire towable cherry picker.


Ruby Rich