If your pet falls ill or is hurt, and in need of veterinary care, you definitely want them to get the attention and care they need whenever possible. However, it’s not unusual for veterinary bills to amount to tens of thousands of dollars, and this may result in major financial strain and frustration. You don’t need to need to wait around till you are able to get together the money to fund a visit to or call out from the vet, but this is the doubt that lots of pet owners face.


Pet insurance offers pet owners with the reassurance that in case their beloved creature experiences health difficulties or incurs an accident, they could avail of the suitable veterinary care without needing to be worried about how they are going to manage such a hefty amount. Pet insurance cover is far less costly than you may assume and is your long term low-cost solution to protect your animal’s health.


Most providers are upfront and transparent about the exact price and cover your policy offers. Some policies are the only products on the marketplace offering real lifetime cover for your pet. With bigger insurance companies, life cover means life cover.  Pet Insurance can be tricky to understand & get a good deal, we recommend clicking here to cover unexpected veterinary expenses & understand what most claims are involving.


When choosing an insurance provider you must look for the below:

  • Go to a vet of your choice – The right policy will cover the costs of visits to and treatment by vets Australia wide
  • Multi-pet reduction — enjoy even more affordable pet insurance when you cover 3 or more pets with most providers
  • Immediate cover – Following the policy has started, cover injuries and accidents begins immediately on sign up
Ruby Rich