If you are interested in making profits by investing money in stocks then you should know what is short selling because it is the best way of making money. This is a technique that allows the investors to make money when the prices of the stocks are falling and in this, you can also borrow the stock and sell it. After then buy the stock again for returning it to the lender for making money during this process. The person indulging in this activity is known as short-sellers and they resort to betting where they feel that the price of the stock will fall.


Short selling can also be referred to as trading or investment strategy involving the speculation that the stock or securities price will decline in value. But it is a risky venture and you should only follow this technique only if you are experienced in this field because otherwise, you will lose your money. This strategy is also known as shorting a stock or borrowing from a lender through the brokerage account. The belief of the investor is that the market price of the share will decrease which will help them to make money after selling the share and returning back to the lender. This strategy is very popular among the investor of the stock market and they also indulge in the investment for a longer period of time.


The risk exposure is reduced considerably when the stocks are placed on offsetting position and the investor makes profits when the price is decreased from its original price. A set future date is estimated by the investor who will want the price to fall so that he can make a profit from the price difference. But before opting for short selling, it is important to assess your risks so that you can make the right investment decision.


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