When cars are using for racing at a very high speed, the wheels and tyres used should also be designed for optimal functioning at these speed. Hence vehicle owners in Australia who use their cars for track and street racing are interested in finding suppliers of wheels which are specifically designed for racing. One of the major suppliers of drag wheels is pro drag wheels Australia. Hence this pro drag wheels review australia looks at the design, features and other specifications of the different wheels which are sold by the company in australia so that wheel buyers looking for drag wheels for their vehicle can take a decision.

The wheels are defined by their dimensions, which depend on the vehicle where the wheels are to fitted. The wheels are specified in terms of thickness and diameter of the wheels which should match the vehicle. The smallest wheels are of size 16 X 9 , while the largest wheels available are 22 X 12 in size. For some vehicles the front wheels are smaller in size , so smaller wheels 17 X 4.5 and 17 X 6.5 are available. The cost of the wheels depends on the size of the wheels, since more material and time is required for making the larger wheels. The wheel buyer can choose a pair of front wheels and pair of rear wheels separately.

The offset information for the wheels also should be specified at the time of order placement. For standard offset, no additional machining is required, while for custom offset, additional machining will be required to suit the wheel hubs, brakes. Wheel buyers should specify the vehicle make, model, year and modification while ordering to get the right wheels. The cast wheel is a single piece for great strength. Wheel buyers can choose between the black gloss or polished with a lip. In the forged series, each wheel has five milled spokes, while in the track series, the wheel has ten spokes. Nuts are supplied along with the wheels for fitting them to the car. All orders will be reviewed by the machine technicians who may contact for more details.

Ruby Rich