Sure having a pool is fun, but constantly having to clean leaves and other debris out of it can take the fun right out – especially if you have many pool side plants. But that’s not all a pool cover is good for, and in this Remco pool cover review, you’ll be able to see how cost effective owning one can be. Here are some benefits of owning a pool cover.
– Safety, on the off chance you have kids running or crawling about
– Reduce the amount of chlorine needed for the pool, since pool covers block out UV rays – which tend to minimise the effectiveness of chlorine
– Keep your pool’s water temperature relatively warm
– Cuts down cost of maintenance of blockages that are caused by debris falling into the pool
– Slow down water evaporation, and thus how often you need to refill your pool
There are a plethora of pool covers out there, most of which perform the benefits listed above. But it can still get pretty overwhelming choosing, since a few products like Remco offer extra benefits, while others – like mesh covers – provide the bare minimum.
As Australian’s leading supplier and installer of pool covers, Remco’s designed some of the safest, most aesthetic, and sometimes luxurious pool covers. Some of their award winning pool covers include swimroll – a sleek, high quality performance, impenetrable cover made from polycarbonate rather than the regular buble blanket used in the industry.
It holds up to 80 kilograms of weight, so even if a drunk adult walks on the cover, it’ll retain its shape, plus your pool will still be protected. So it’s safety and style on steroids. The top of the line polycarbonate material used in designing the cover also ensures your pool stay heated – hello warm water!
Regardless of how oddly shaped your pool is, or what your budget is, you can be sure Remco has the right pool cover for you. Check out some of their designs and get a free quote.
Ruby Rich