Google is the most popular search engine used around the globe. Content of different nature and uses can be accessed from searching the web through the Google search engine. New content is easily uploaded to any site and can be accessed searching Google. However, at times personal information, photos, videos or any inappropriate content may be posted on the Internet without the knowledge and consent of the owner. This has necessitated the need for removal of content from the web.

Unfortunately, removing content from google has proven hard and almost impossible based on the current information systems on the Internet. As a result the process of deleting content from Google is often complex and involves several parties.
Steps of removing content from Google.
1. It has to start with you. Delete the information shared if you have the access to it. Pictures, videos or information posted on a level of your access or by a person of your control should be deleted.
2. Contact Google. You should request Google to remove the content from Google search results. However this will not be able to remove it from the site itself. It will only mean that a person cannot find the content if he/she searches for it from Google.
3. Contact the webmaster. The webmaster (website owner) is the endorser of the content and only he/she can completely remove the content from the his website. At times one may be forced to contact more than one webmaster, since the content may have been reproduced in may websites. (For example, if your personal information is exposed on the web, contact the websites where it was displayed to have it removed.)
4. A content may be removed from a site but still shows up in Google search results. This may be because the cache or page description is outdated. To remedy this situation, visit the ‘remove outdated content’ page in Google. In this page, enter the URL (web address) of the page with the outdated content and initiate a removal request.
The Internet may be used positively used or negatively for malicious purposes. As a result, it is advisable to practice caution with confidential and personal content.
Ruby Rich