In the recent few years, the price of a new multi-functional printer has reduced very much. Buying a second-hand printer can be cost-effective in the long run. Many people don’t know how to buy a second hand printer. It is not that difficult but at the same time, it is not that easy. Many important things should be considered before buying it.


How To Buy A Second Hand Printer?


The first thing that you should look is the overall condition of the machine. Although the function is the only thing that should be considered but checking the overall condition of the printer isn’t a bad idea.


The second thing that you need to consider is the number of inkjet cartridges and the condition of the drum as it is one of the expensive parts of the laser tone printer.

The third thing you should check is the toner cartridge. Look whether there are any remaining toner and ink levels of pre-installed cartridges. In some cases, you need to buy new cartridges. You can buy it online as there are many printer supplies website available. Make sure that the one you are buying is cheap with a longer life.


The fourth thing that you should consider is the operational functions of the printer. The overall performance of the printer should be ideal enough. The performance level will never be that of a new one but it should be good enough. The performance alone will determine the final price of the printer.


The fifth thing that you should do is open the unit and check if there is an ink staining, leakage, dust build-up or grease. Make sure that there is no paper jammed inside the printer as it will obstruct the working of the machine.


Last but not least, you should print a page to see the quality of print and whether it is efficient enough or not. If the quality of the print is not clear enough then it is folly to buy that printer and look for a used printers for cash at APS Solutions.

Ruby Rich