What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 electrician manly differs from an average electrician. He has proper certificates from the Government. He is a licensed person to maintain and repair your electricity connections.

Your house has an electric line. This line comes directly from your electricity distributor (like – Ausgrid). A level 2 electrician can work on this line. It could be an overhead line or an underground line. But only a level 2 electrician can repair and maintain this line.

But, a level 2 electrician can do more. All his services are discussed below.


When Do You Need A Level 2 Electrician?


To Disconnect and Reconnect Your Power Source/Supply

Your house may require a power source disconnection. Sometimes, accidents or demolition of a house needs power source disconnection. In that case, you need a level 2 electrician.

Apart from that, a level 2 electrician can also help you to get a new electricity connection.


To maintain Your Main Power Supply Line

Your power supply line comes from an electricity distributor. To maintain and repair that live wire, you need a level 2 electrician. He can work on the underground or overhead power line. It could be a residential or commercial property. But, only a level 2 electrician has the right license to do this.


To Install and Activate Electricity Meter

After getting an electricity connection, you need an electric meter. A level 2 electrician can install and activate your property’s electrical meter.


To Upgrade Electrical System

A level 2 electrician can help you to upgrade your power supply. Moreover, he can also upgrade your switchboards and power supply cables.


A level 2 electrician (Accredited service provider) is considered mandatory for all the above electrical works. It’s a law of the Australian Govt. Level 2 electricians have the license and training. They follow ‘Australian Wiring Rules’. As a result, your premises remain safe at their hands.






Ruby Rich