The purpose of Brisbane building inspections is to ascertain whether there are any issues with a particular property and, if there are, whether they are problems that can be easily rectified or ‘ignored’. On this page, we will look at what will be looked at during a building inspection.


A building inspection is not a pest inspection


Obviously, pests can be a massive problem in some homes in Brisbane. It is worth noting that building inspections Brisbane are not the same as pest inspections. Sure, a building inspector may be able to see small signs that there are pests in the property, but it is always important that you hire a pest inspector if purchasing a property.


The areas of your property the building inspector will need access to


The building inspector will need access to every part of your property. This includes any space under the floors, as well as access to the roof. There may be certain areas that they are unable to reach for various reasons. If this is the case, then it will be clearly highlighted in the inspection report.


If there are any ‘external’ buildings on your property e.g. the garage, then this will also be included on the inspection report. It is likely that they will also look at entrance steps to the property. They will also need access to any guttering and fencing. If there are certain parts of a property that you want inspected, then do not hesitate to tell the building inspector.


Further inspections


In some cases, the building inspector may recommend that further inspections are carried out by qualified professionals. For example; if they notice a ‘pest issue’ in the property, then they may suggest you contact a pest inspector. If there are electrical issues, then they may suggest contacting an electrician. It is important you listen to this advice.

Ruby Rich