Why drink orange gin? Well, whether you’re drinking it because you enjoy its flavour or because it is the latest trend, orange gins are all the rage. Looking for a way to stand out? You can’t go wrong with an orange gin. As for why you should spend your money on it, there are a number of reasons to choose orange gin at Hillmartin Distillery over the traditional type.

1 – They Taste Good

Orange gins offer a refreshing zesty taste to any mixed drink because of their citrusy aroma and a hint of sweetness. Unlike other citrus flavours such as lemon or lime, which have a sharp, acidic taste that can be overpowering in cocktails, orange gins also have a freshness to them that makes them perfect for lighter drinks in the summertime.

2 – They’re Affordable

The cost of orange gin is usually very inexpensive, especially compared to other types of gins. The price of an orange gin actually depends on a variety of factors, such as the level of quality and what else you’re adding to your cocktail. For example, if you’d like to make a spicy cocktail that calls for the addition of bitters, then the additional cost will be substantial.

3 – They’re Easy to Store

Orange gins are also easy to store because they don’t spoil when left out in the open air. Unlike other types of gins that are made from distilled spirits, orange gins are made from fresh juice and, therefore, won’t lose their taste or potency when stored in the fridge.

4 – They’re Commonly Used in Cocktails

Orange gins have become very common in bars and restaurants around the country because of their fruity yet savoury taste. This is especially evident in the summertime when many bartenders will choose to make a Pimm’s Cup cocktail that uses pomegranate juice and gin.

5 – They’re Convenient to Buy

People have many choices when it comes to purchasing an orange gin, whether it’s online or at the nearest liquor store. This makes it easy to find an orange gin that’s perfect for your fancy cocktail.

6 – They’re Easier to Drink

Orange gins are also known to be easier to drink than other gins because of their fruity taste. According to a Forbes article, it takes 30% less alcohol to get the same effect when drinking gin compared with vodka. Because of this, many people choose orange gins as the basis for their libation because they are not affected by alcohol withdrawal symptoms or getting drunk in the same way as traditional spirits.

7 – They’re Perfect for Cocktails

Orange gins make excellent cocktails and are a great base ingredient in drinks that call for a fresh citrus flavour. For example, orange gins are perfect for stirred drinks, as they are a popular choice to use in an Old Fashioned cocktail or a Whiskey Sour. Others may even choose to add them to their favourite cocktails as general supplements.


In conclusion, orange gins are one of many types of gins that have become very popular over the last few years. This is mostly because they offer a fruity yet savoury taste to any drink or cocktail. Whatever purpose you have in mind, there are many reasons why you should spend your money on an orange gin.

Ruby Rich